4,500 Meter VILLAGE FOOD - Heavenly Yamdrok Lake, Tibet!

4,500 Meter VILLAGE FOOD – Heavenly Yamdrok Lake, Tibet!

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High Altitude Tibetan Food – Today we drove from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake, where we had the honor to eat at a local family home. At 4,500 meters in elevation, there’s not a lot of plants that grow, and so our meal consisted of Tibetan barley, yak meat, a few green onions, and a radish soup. It was a hearty and warming meal, full of love, and a pleasure to learn more about Tibetan culture. #Tibet #YamdrokLake #streetfood #villagefood

Yamdrok Lake, Tibet – First we drove to Yamdrok Lake, and Kambala Pass (4,990 m (16,371 ft) for the viewpoint. The view of Yamdrok Lake for the first time was breathtaking. It’s a sacred lake in Tibet, and the colors of the lake look different depending on season, time of day, or even where you see the lake from. The actual bottom of the lake, on the shore is more like 4,500 Meters in Elevation.

High Elevation Tibetan Food – Tsampa (roasted barley) is the staple and main food of the Tibetan diet. It’s nutritious, and grows at a very high elevation. For lunch we had butter tea, barley dumplings with yak meat, radish soup with yak meat, and a type of momo bread which was formed into cone shapes, and fried and steamed in an iron griddle pan. The entire meal was simple, but delicious and very hearty and warming – mainly carbs, and yak. The entire village and setting next to Yamdrok Lake made it even more spectacular.

Karola Glacier View – Finally to end this day in Tibet, we continued to Karola Glacier, passing a section that was almost 5,200 meters in elevation. Highest elevation I’ve been to, and the entire drive was unbelievably beautiful.

An amazing day, great people, delicious food, and heavenly scenery of Yamdrok Lake.

Thank you to Travel China & Tibet (https://www.travelchinatibet.com/), they sponsored my trip to Tibet, and they did an amazing job to cater to the exact things I wanted to do. Highly recommended when you visit Tibet.



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