Dessert Mukbang Prank on My Jamaican Father🇯🇲 | Dessert🍨 Eating Contest😋 |  Vlog#42| @rushdem22

Dessert Mukbang Prank on My Jamaican Father🇯🇲 | Dessert🍨 Eating Contest😋 |  Vlog#42| @rushdem22

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Hello  everyone (WaGwaNious)

My Name is Rush-Dem Rushawn coming to you again with another spectacular vlog video.

For this week’s vlog video, I decided to have a dessert eating mukbang / contest with my Jamaican Father,  but little did he know that i had something else planned for him as well 😂.. watch his hilarious reaction as he found out this was all a set up for a revenge Prank 😆

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