National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, St Andrew, Jamaica

National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, St Andrew, Jamaica

National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, St Andrew, Jamaica (Caribbean).

⭐ Points of Interest:
00:24 Marescaux Road
02:07 Connolley Road
02:25 National Heroes Circle Road
02:32 National Heroes Park
02:48 Wolmer’s School for Boys
03:50 Torrington Road
04:16 Torrington Avenue
04:16 Heroes Circle Seventh-Day Adventist Church
04:26 Geffrard Place
04:33 Eve Lane
04:41 Rosedale Avenue
04:46 King Street
04:50 To Saint William Grant Park (popularly Parade)
05:02 Stable Lane
05:36 National Heroes Park Crab Vendors
05:48 New North Street
05:52 Duke Street
06:04 East Street
06:11 Notational Heroes Park Southern Entrance to the Shrines
06:25 Ministry of Education, Youth and Information
06:32 Bolivar Place
06:35 Simon Bolivar Statue
06:59 Sarah Street
07:00 Ministry of Labour and Social Security
07:38 Ministry of Finance and the Public Service
07:43 National Heroes Park East Entrance

National Heroes Circle road is a huge circle as the name suggest and there you will find the national Heroes Park

National Heroes Park features numerous monuments, and is the burial site of many of Jamaica’s National Heroes, Prime Ministers, and cultural leaders

The area where the National Heroes Park now sits, that’s on the left, was once one of the most popular spots in Kingston. Some 100 years ago, the land was the centre for horse racing in Jamaica. The spot was also the site for other sporting activities such as cycle racing and cricket. Being such a popular spot, the area was also the venue for travelling circuses that visited Jamaica.

Back then the area was part of a property called Montgomery Pen. It was later known as the Kingston Race Course due to the dominant horse racing activity, until 1953 when horse racing was transferred to Knutsford Park (What we know today as New Kingston).

There are many historical events associated with this area. These include:

The grand festivities marking the end of apprenticeship and the beginning of full freedom were held here on August 2, 1838.

Queen Victoria’s Golden and Diamond Jubilees were honoured here in 1887 and 1897.

On January 27, to May 2, 1891 The Jamaica National Exhibition was held in a building called Quebec Lodge. This site is now occupied by the Wolmer’s School.

The Kingston Race Course was renamed the George VI Memorial Park in 1953, in honour of the late King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II and the grounds were prepared for the Queen’s first visit to Jamaica.

Also in 1953, a War Memorial to honour those who died in the First World War was removed from its original location at Church Street and relocated here. Each year, on Remembrance Day, that is the first Sunday in November, veterans gather around the Cenotaph to honour the memory of those who died in World Wars I & II.

The area is now place for Heroes. In 1973, the site was officially renamed the National Heroes Park and is now a place for honouring our heroes whose monuments are erected in an area known as the Shrine.

There is another section adjoins the Shrine area, to the north which is reserved for prime ministers and outstanding patriots.

Simon Bolivar, who died in 1830 in Santa Marta, Colombia, at the age of 47, travelled to Jamaica on May 14, 1815 and lived at the corner of Princess and Tower streets for seven months.

⭐ The remains of the following notable people are interred at National Heroes Park:

Toots Hibbert
Dennis Brown
Sir Alexander Bustamante
Marcus Garvey
Michael Manley
Norman Manley
George William Gordon
Edna Manley
Donald Sangster
Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds
Paul Bogle
Samuel Sharpe
Lady Bustamante
Herb McKenley
Louise Bennett-Coverley
Hugh Shearer
Ranny Williams
Howard and Ivy Cooke
Edward Seaga
Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd

Additionally The park is also the burial site for 140 elderly women killed in a fire at the Eventide Home for the Aged in 1980.

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