Vanny's Jamaican Curried Chicken

Vanny's Jamaican Curried Chicken

Vanny is back again, doing what she loves BEST- being in the kitchen..Cooking, always ready to whip something up for her friends and family!
Today she shares some tips with making her tasty and flavorful Jamaican Curried chicken. Enjoy and make sure you try her recipe.


Your choice of Chicken parts…

Vanny chose to use 8 drumsticks and 6
chicken backs.
They were cleaned (skin and fat removed) using Vinegar and Salt. The chicken was then cut into small pieces. Then washed in vinegar /water/added salt. Use lime/lemon juice as a substitute for vinegar (if unavailable)

Coconut oil preferably- substitute olive or
vegetable oil if unavailable.
2 – 2.5 teaspoon curry powder
6-8 pegs of garlic ( finely diced)
1 large onion ( chopped medium size)
1-2 stalks escallion
4- 6 pieces of thyme
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
1- 1 .5 teaspoon All purpose seasoning
2 small Irish potatoes (diced finely)
1 scotch bonnet pepper ( optional)
1-2 tablespoon of butter
8- 10 Allspice seeds (crushed)


To the cleaned Chicken add –

Onions, garlic, escallion, salt, black pepper, all purpose seasoning, Pimento, curry and about 1-2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Stir everything together and let it marinate or sit in refrigerator for up to 3hrs. That is if you have the time, if not – let it sit for at least 15mins before cooking.

Pour above contents into Dutch pot with about 2 tablespoon heated coconut oil.
Cover and let it steam its own juices for about 10-15minutes on a medium to high flame…DO NOT ADD ANY WATER…..

Check within the 8-10minutes, stir the pot to prevent to any sticking to the bottom.
LOWER the flames at this point to a low level.

ADD potatoes, thyme, butter and scotch bonnet pepper. Cover the pot and now let it slowly cook on low flame for about another 10-15 mins.
Do the potato and chicken test with a fork to see if they are cooked. If the fork goes into the food with ease, then it is cooked. YOU COULD ALSO DO A TASTE TEST. Food should be soft when chewed.

Once complete, turn off flame…

Goes well with white rice, pasta OR mashed
potatoes are good as well.

Enjoy …enjoy enjoy❣❣