Wah Gwan® Jerk Chicken

Wah Gwan® Jerk Chicken

Nothing makes me more excited than cooking Jerk Chicken. It is a chef’s dream the way the flavors get layered with all of the elements of fire, smoke, wood, plants, seasoning and culture. Coming from a Jamaican home this dish takes me right back there. Enjoy!

Full Jerk recipe here! https://marcusanthonytable.com/wah-gwan-jerk-chicken-this-is-real-jerk/

Cooking shouldn’t be hard and I’m here to help you become more confident in the kitchen one tip at a time. Using recipes, tricks and shortcuts my goal is to inspire you to do more with food. Food should be experienced even your dinner tonight, take a moment to slow down and enjoy the process, let me guide you.

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